Loving Stage Lighting & more...

When it comes to today's stage lighting, Mystic Mountaintop Productions® (MMP) has the right ingredients and knows the recipe down cold.  We have brought together all of the elements of what it takes to produce great stage lighting and special effects into very simple and easy to use DMX-based Smart LED lighting systems.  Our lighting engineers have now created our very own lighting product line under the MMP-Lighting brand.  And we didn't stop there, MMP™ will also be releasing pro-audio products under the MMP-Sound™ brand and video wall products under the MMP-Video™ brand.

The Company's Vision

When we first started out, our intent was to serve small to mid-size entertainment customers with a quality product at an affordable price.  Today, we still hold true to that belief, as we have not forgotten where we came from and we will continue to serve those markets with cost effective pricing.  Most event services or rentals still aren't too small for us, and hopefully none will be too big for us to handle.  And if we can't find the right products to service our customers, chances are we just might create them ourselves.

The Company's Story

Live sound and lighting is where it all began. We started out over 34 years ago by doing production for live events at night clubs, houses of worship, theaters and corporate events both large and small.  Our goal is to provide the most professional audio, stage lighting, and video services.  Our engineers have diverse backgrounds, which allows us to better assist artists in nailing down the right sound, lighting, stage production or video project no matter what the event or session.